Friday, September 16, 2011

Slight name change, the return to Facebook and some other madness in Schemear world

What a pain in the freak'n behind these last couple of weeks have been. First of all my daughter showed up late for dinner on Labor day, because she was in freak'n Gawd Damn LABOR! I just don't know what to do with this chick-o-roo tramp of a child of mine. This woman is past her 40's and still is a pop'n mamma! She has had so many of them kids I can't count anymore, as it is I have about 25 of 'em stay'n in the attic, two of 'em got into one of the holes in the wall and I have not one clue to where they are in this house.. though I do smell something bad lately, like something died! in here!, well that could be my husband.  My sons friend Bernie Pappas from "Gyro We Roll" on Manhole St, he's a Greek.. came over drunk out of his MIND! Said hi and ran up into my son Dick's room. He did not leave until 9am the next day. I don't  know what the hell he was doing with my 37 year old son of mine, in all Gawd damn hours of the night, but I could smell his underarm pits all over this damn house, or that could still be that smell, I was talk'n bout earlier.... nah that could be my husband. I saw my son the next morning and he kept saying his behind hurt.. poor kid I think he's got the hemorrhoids, got to remind myself to pick up some of them ass pads at the store. My son doesn't got a dime, I'll have his hairy gyro friend pay for it...disgusting SOB, I should pick him up some damn roll on, too.
Better news:
Well them kids at the Facebook finally released me from cyber prison, but now are telling me I have to convert my personal page into some business type page, like one of 'em "click here and like" pages, what the hell? They sent me an email stating: "Your account was temporarily suspended because it does not represent an individual person. It is a violation of the Facebook Terms to use a profile to represent a brand, business, organization or idea." What the hell are they talk'n about here? I am an individual person! What they think am some kind of machine? a Siamese twin?  A brand? a business? organization? or an IDEA?! What! WHAT!
I am a person for Gawd sake! not a religion, I don't sell my own "brand" of anything! I sure the hell wish I DID!  an idea? what WHAT!  what the hell are they talk'n? I've never been so insulted! I wrote them back, mind ya a very nice note to tell them that I AM A F'ing PERSON!  I was digitally raped honey pies.
So I am hoping they will stop this nonsense with me having to convert my account. Crossing legs and fingers!

Now on my name change, well first of all. I am so tired of being confused with that hippie rocker guy from that rock'n' roll band The Foo Foo platters and I think the other one was called the Kerns, I wonder it he's related to Harry Kern, used to date him in High School, small schlong,  anyway I said let me just use my original name, as Smear was my stage name and shorten from it's correct spelling, Schemear. OY what I have to F'ing do around here kids, to be able to entertain ya!! So this new name Patricia Schemer will be in affect immediately. In some places I will add in my middle name Maria, initials P.M.S.
I just want to live in peace around here, without the bull shite!

Any way I am also now on Google + if ya on that ghost town of a place please add me to your circle.

I end this update with a sexy picture of my lovelyness from 1959 for the motion picture "Blond on Sofa" About a blond of a sofa, an art film that ran 90mins, got boils from this picture and couldn't sit again for three weeks. Andy Warhol must've seen it, though no one else had!

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