Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My New Baby Grand Daughter!

My daughter Sharon has given birth to another baby, this one makes number 59... that is full term, that is. 
People have already said it looks like ME!, them rat bastards!
I personally think it looks like the father.
Look at how my lovely whore of a daughter holds her new spawn of terror! 
She had already asked If I would babysit this thing!!
Is she insane? I am not gonna have this ugly child in my HOUSE cry'n all hours of the night, while I watch my shows on the TV.
I told her to flush it, Am I wrong for saying so? 
She had the nerve to actually flush it in my OWN TOILET!! Now I have to be scared that it may make it's way up the damn DRAIN pipe when I am sitt'n! 
How dare she!! Not one minute of peace in this HOUSE!

R.I.P. Henrietta