Sunday, July 31, 2011

Long time since I updated this sucker!

I don't know what the hell I am doing with this Blog! I need to make some more time in the development of this thing. I started this thinking I would share some of my life's experiences with you out there..but I ain't sure there is anyone reading this shit! I got a bit lazy and would like to know I am being heard out there.. for cry'n out louds! Is anyone there! Hello!! how ya work this thing? While I try and figure out what to do with this crap.. I guess I'll post some YouTube videos of stuff I find interesting, and maybe a few posts of any random thoughts that may come to mind here. I noticed I had this Blog page thing listed as "Adult Content", which I found out I didn't need to bother, as that is only if I was to show my tit's and stuff like that...which I know to some of ya people out there will be very disappointed to learn that ain't gonna take a cold shower. I removed that "Adult Content" flag, so now any schmo can view it, though this ain't a family friendly page, so you people who sit there worried about what their brats see on the net can add this page to one of 'em "surf Nanny" programs..or whatever, just don't come complaining to me that ya bratty kid saw the word "fuck" on my blog!
I love all of my fans (one and counting) that have sent my nice e-mails about how wonderful I am and hope you help Smear some Smears to the world.