Saturday, January 28, 2012

No Time For Babysitting!

My daughter just dropped off her kids for me to watch, as I was just stepping out to meet Girtie and Jan for dinner.
I'm getting into my car and off. I hope the 2 month old knows how to clean up the dishes.. I had no time this morning. Shoot.. I did leave my new and very sharpe knife set in good reach of the 2yr old...oh and that liquid drain cleaner...couldn't find the cap for......hmm at a light now, should I drive back to make sure I didn't leave the electric heater on? .... No, it's one of them energy efficient ones.
I hope they stay CLEAR AWAY from my outlets, a couple of them have the wires just hanging out, meaning to get them fixed... I told Gawd damn Jullo to make sure he had them things fixed before he finished chopp'n my bush..that lazy son of a B!

 No one is home except that rabid pit bull my son started watching for his friend, them people always have them crazy animals....
Good green light! Well I'm off to Ruby Thursdays.

Oh my GAWD I think I ran over something a few blocks back... I see what looks like a little blanket ....and ...with cute little...hmm..teddy bears printed on it ....its stuck in my drivers side rear wheel fender waving to the the hell that get there! Why are they honking at me for ....for Christmas sakes!,  it's my blanket now!!
 ..what are those red stains all over it! What the hell is that?... looks like Jello...what is THAT?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don't believe them tabloids!!! *It's not what it seems!

 I was minding my own damn business as I was pass'n that disgusting dirty book store between Philashio and Oralrectus blvd, when I saw something ya NEVER see come out of them type places... His name is Geraldo.. GAWD damn FOREIGNER.. he was just ask'n me for directions is all and some sob took this picture.
YES he was making moan'n sounds, I couldn't understand one damn word! 
It's not what it LOOKS LIKE FOR CRY'N OUT LOUD! 
I dropped my purse!!!!
Can't have no GAWD damn privacy anymore with all these damn gadgets all over the damn place.