Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Smear

I've been watching that crazy court broadcast on that nut case gal Casey Anthony on that HLN channel. The same channel that has Nancy Grace comedy hour, Issues with Jane (lesbian) Velez and Joy Behers. What the hell kind of crazy person is this gal? Gawd she's nuts! You have to watch it, this girl has mental issues. She is on trial for the death penalty for killing her 2 yr old baby girl in 2008. What makes this a twisted story is that the girl supposedly killed her child and then just went out parting in clubs like nothing happened. She would go shopping at Target almost daily and wind up getting a tattoo. She nearly cleaned out a friends bank account during her shopping craze at this time by using stolen checks. For 31 days she lied to her parents on the whereabouts of their grand daughter stating that she was with the nanny named "Zanny". This girl would lie about everything to everyone around her, like telling everyone that she was employed at Universal Studios as an event plainer and make up friends that never excited or friends she hasn't known for years as being close in the present. I mean it's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. If you type in her name on YouTube you will find all these videos, like the surveillance camera clips of her shopping, photos of her parting at the club in a "Hot Body" contest and most interesting her jailhouse video conversations with her parents also telephone conversations. It all plays out like a John Waters movie, I swear! Videos featuring her interviews with police, parents on the news; at the time thinking their grand daughter was still alive looking for her. I've been obsessed with this case! OY!
The jailhouse tapes are interesting because you can really get a glimpse on how nuts this girl really is! Watch as this Casey gal smiles and giggles as her poor mother is crying, how she doesn't seem to care at all about her "missing" daughter and whines about her situation. Me Me Me! OY
They found her daughter 6 months from the time of her death by the side of a road in a trash bag. Her defense is that her father found her daughter drowned in their pool showed it to her and covered it up, then she throws in for more entertainment that her father molested her from age 8 to 13 and that she learnt how to lie.. so strange I tell ya! Then theres another plot in this true tale of a guy who supposedly found the child's body in the early stages after her death and hid it until heard of some reward. He supposedly told friends months before they found her that he had seen a skull in the woods, but his friends were never shown it. then a reward is announced of 250,000 and walla the body is found..and in an area that was already investigated months prior.