Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don't believe them tabloids!!! *It's not what it seems!

 I was minding my own damn business as I was pass'n that disgusting dirty book store between Philashio and Oralrectus blvd, when I saw something ya NEVER see come out of them type places... His name is Geraldo.. GAWD damn FOREIGNER.. he was just ask'n me for directions is all and some sob took this picture.
YES he was making moan'n sounds, I couldn't understand one damn word! 
It's not what it LOOKS LIKE FOR CRY'N OUT LOUD! 
I dropped my purse!!!!
Can't have no GAWD damn privacy anymore with all these damn gadgets all over the damn place.


  1. As long as that cigar stayed firmly in your mouth, I believe you, Mrs S.

  2. Cigar? WHAT CIGAR? OH my Gawd!! I tore something off I think.