Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day after the Facebook Nazis invaded!

I woke up this morn'n to the sound of birds sing'n, the smell of a fresh beautiful day to come. hmm well the smell could be that new Glade thing I put in the bathroom. The first thing I did was check my Facebook account, in hopes it would be back on line. I'm sad to informs that isn't the case. My account is still disabled by them Nazi snot nose kids at Facebook. What the hell is wrong with these kids today, pick'n on this old lady...who by the ways! IS a damn legend..a star! tainted, so what if all the people who remembered my hit pictures, such as "The Lady with a St. Bernard", "The Bronx Cheer" or the classic "Lizzie Borden is an Ice Cream maker, not an axe Murderer"... are dead. All I was try'n to do Is show a new generation as well as older ones some of my collections and body of works with spread'n or should i say Smear'n love all over the place. Now that this damn Facebook yanked me off the net, how the hell am I going to invite folks to see me in my comeback roll ..whenever that may not happen. I am disgusted and hurt by them sob's let me tell ya!, but who complained about me? What the hell did i say or post to get some socially path enraged so, that they barked at them kids over at Facebook? If I bothered ya sweets why ruin it for everyone who was not? Just block and move on. Even my son is upset as all damn day he's been in his room play'n Captain. & Tennille records and given me a gwad damn headache!.. don't know who they are? then GOOGLE! for gawd sakes!
Last comment I made was about that Dutch Boy paint woman with that head...Nancy Grace and how I hope she falls on her fat azz on Dancing with them Stars? show. Did a crazed fan of hers do it? or maybe the comment about Chaz Bono.. saying In my humble opinion that I think he's gay as in fruit and is in the closet?
He's one of 'em what they call bears? and what the hell is that? I didn't mean any harm.. and if ya got what I am about ya know that one. Besides these comments were posted on a friends page that contains similar comments from others, but maybe that wasn't it. I am waiting for these kids to respond with the reasoning to why they shut me down and will let ya know. In the meantime ya can still catch me on the Twitter and on a fan page on Facebook, my Bingo Mingle blog and right here, but i miss the interaction of my Facebook page... I like to thank all my sweeties that are spread'n the news and love.... Right now I have to get some Maalox for I have some terrible gas. Oh Gawd whatever ya do, when ya get to be my age or actually any age, never eat one of them Jamaican Beef Patties... OH OH just think'n of the smell from them things...gonna hurl.
I will talk to ya all later..
With Love Always,

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