Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So what the hell kind of agent do I have?

My agent stinks! STINKS! I don't know where the hell he is, as I've been trying to get in touch with him for over 12 years already. I want to get back into the showbiz ya know, and I ain't a young chick anymore, I figure there's got to be a damn remake to that "On Golden Pond" being developed in Hollywood for gawd sakes.
I think I would be perfect in the part that Hepburn played in that picture, my luck they'd cast that Paris Hilton in the Jane Fonda roll, OY can you imagine! and who would they make my husband, probably that Danny Devito,. ha It would wind up straight to the DVS video thing. Them twits in Hollyweird don't know what the hell they're doing. Every time ya look at the Fantangos or whatever the hell it's called,  they're releasing remakes, or some crap aim at a damn 10yr old brat in 3D! The other week I thought of being a nice grandma, as I am!.. and take a couple of my countless brats to the picture show, well!!! My daughter was nice enough to pick me up and drive me and 3 of the brats, forgot their names, to the Orion 25 plex on 36st. She wanted me to take 10 of them kids of hers, but i put my foot down on that idea quick. Well it was a toss between that Medea picture (God forbid!), Hop(Oy, a cartoon!), Arthurs(Love revivals) and some movie about a bird(yeah right!).  I took them to see that "Scream" picture, and I went to see that Arthur one.  I fell asleep! I must have slept through eight showings of that picture, and still didn't see anything with Liza Minnelli or Dudley Moore. What the hell was I originally talking about in this thing here?...oh yes.. MY gawd damn agent STINKS! The last time I heard from him he was looking in getting me a commercial for one of these insurance companies, ya know like the late Ed Mcmahon I was to talk about how ya can sell your home to whatever bank for some cash and still live in it, till ya die..for ya kids to get nothing in the end, cause the damn companies would take every damn thing ya own. Sounds good to me, let me tell ya. Here's a photo I found of an ad I did in the old days. It was for the Gimbles department store, right before they went out.
A looker! No Doubts about that HONEY!  
I remember them SOB's being cheap as all hell, when they came knocking at my damn door later that evening for their brush. Thank goodness that It didn't happen these days, or I would be in the seat next to that Lindsey  Lohans, another winner! HA.

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  1. OMG! I been waiting for something like "The Life of Smear" all my life! I can't wait!

    You are gorgeous sitting on that bed in the red sweater while brushing your hair. Nice knockers!


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