Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"A Pu Pu Platter" my 1st musical.

Me in a promotional still for the motion picture “A Pu Pu Platter” (1948). A musical that made poo poo at the box office. I played Maria Von Charles a lady of the evening (aka a hooker)/lounge club singer in the Bronx.  It was about her struggles to become Miss Pu Pu of China town, an annual event in the Big Apple and how she had to fight her way to get there by NY transportation.  It had a great list of wonderful songs and dance numbers, like; “A Egg Roll for a Dollar, My Love for an Extra 2”, “Where’s That Damn Train”, “Move That Ass“, “Pu-Pu for You!”, “China Town Melody”, “So, I‘m From The Bronx, and Your Point“, “Give me that Pu Pu Crown!”, “Five Dollars, Five Minutes” and “What the hell is in that Dim Sum?” 
The picture opened and closed the next day, but did manage to make it’s rounds as a road show in a couple of the southern states, and played at the drive-in’s, as all my pictures eventually winded up. It’s biggest play date was a double bill with  “I Remember Mama”, somewhere in Tennessee, people remembered mama, but forgot about Pu Pu! The film went through  hell as it traveled  from state to state, the projectionists had cut and butchered the picture, calling it indecent and disgusting,  It stirred up protesters standing in front of every venue with signs “Don’t see this Pu Pu!!!, And  “It’s the Devil’s Pu-Pu”.  I and the rest of the production and cast believed that this was some great free publicity, we all thought that now we were going bring home some ticket sales, but by the time the film got back to NY it was only one frame of celluloid!  They destroyed it, them bastards! My hopes of becoming a mainstream star once again wounded up in some garbage dump(s) across the U.S.A.

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