Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meet my Aunt Tessie, you want her? SHE'S YOURS!

This here is my Aunt Tessie, after the woman died her husband had her stuffed. Here she's been sitting for about 25 yrs in my GAWD damn basement in the corner, since I was the lucky SOB to inherit her corpse..when her sicko husband died. She had no kids, thank Gawd, really... look at her?

 I had put her up on E-Bay and that Greg's list.. I can't get any takers. I've been keeping a sheet on her, I don't want to look at her!! I just can't take it!! I mean I even forgot she was there, until one day I heard a ruckus in the basement.. my husband was tryin' to hump her! I mean...when I say disgusting!!! I mean DISGUSTING!
I mean she was very useful during Halloween time, cause I would just have her sit outside in front of my door, and not one damn brat bothered me! ... NO I can't have her here ANYMORE!!
I think I just gonna have to throw her out at the McDonald's dumpster tomorrow... I mean have my son dump her there.

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