Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spread this to the world and let 'em know.....

This desperate bitch wants some gawd damn followers!! WHY ya ask? FU to why!! I just want a damn audience.. and also throw out there my other blog “Bingo Mingle” which seems to have not damn LIFE! I am a damn actress/singer/former GoGo dancer (damn hips can’t do that anymore)/housewife/cook (Who said COCK?!)/Skin Flute professional/love maker?/coffee maker! Where the hell is my fan club? Wait I remember, the president died in 1976 and since then all 5 of em’ dropped like flies. I got alot of life left to her, let me tell ya.. “Got a lot of living to doooo LA LA LA” what a nice song that was.. damn “West Side Story”. I read for the Rita Moreno part, didn’t get it of course.. and ya know WHY! Cause some F**k had to see my little unknown picture “Lady and the Donkey”. Said they didn’t think it would be a good idea to have someone of my stature in their picture, said I wasn’t Mexican or Spanish enough. ..meh.. I said “why don’t ya all go F**K off!” and that SOB had the nerve to ask for my autograph! ON HIS AZZ! It’s ok cause I got a better roll in “Gidget and the Midget”.. I was the lead in that there picture, though sadly that picture rotted to dust in the can.
Yes I posted this same shit post on both blogs! But not the beautiful photo below, that's exclusive to here, so there!
Ya think them SOB's would've printed my DAMN NAME on the cover!!

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