Sunday, August 7, 2011

Patricia Schemear's Bingo Mingle

I love doing this so much a started up another one, can ya believe..I know I can't! As i sit here drink'n my Chock Full 'o' NUTS and glazed cruller.. that I had my son get from the store, and told him PLAIN! not the glazed crap or that French round one! he brings me a GLAZED!..OH forget it. I said since this Blog thing is take'n off like hotcakes I will start another with just posts of You Tube videos and some pictures I find interesting across the net thing here...cause I have noth'n better. This page is called  "Bingo Mingle" , now ain't that cute?  So tell all your friends, I'm sure they will be thrilled. Oh gawd this coffee taste like washed dog..I think i need a new coffee machine or something. Make sure ya follow that page too... and this one.. Gawd damn it all to hell share both of these fabulous pages. Have a nice Sunday,

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